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Good bye 29A zine, hello 29A forum


The most notorious group in the VX scene 29A keep being active, but not the usual way. They stop to producing zine’s (maybe forever) and setup a forum, in wich they will releae their source and other people are still able to contribute.

Quote at the 29A site:

after a time considering about the future of the group, decided to stop activites as we used to do until now. This means the group will continue active at the moment but we probably will not release more magazines. Our intention is to open a forum so members can publish their creations as soon as they are ready. We also invite anyone to continue contributing to 29A as usual. We are in the hope this way of doing things will revitalize the group and also the vx scene. The way of contributing to the forum will be similar to the way we used to select magazine contributions: members will accept/reject stuff. As soon as a contribution is accepted it will be published in the forum