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Review: ZEITGEIST – The Movie


Recently I watched the movie “Zeitgeist” wich you can find on VideoGoogle. It is a really well done film and a must see if you are interested in myth, conspiracy and false politics.

In the first part you see how religion is based on astrology. Jesus is just based on the sun. You also see the parallels to other religions back to egyptians. “Fraud of the age.

The second part is about 9/11, the terror attack is presented as myth. And until there are not enough answers what really happend it’s nothing more than that. No deeper research here like in other 9/11 conspiracy films. Just presenting questions wich has to be answered, why people heared multiple explosions, how can 1, 2 and 7 collapse duo fire and where are the planes from Pentagon and Shanksville.

Finally the third part is about the money system in the states. A few bankers control the money and the debt. To make profit a tool for the bankers is war. They were interested to enter the Worldwar 1 & 2, the Vietnam war and today the War On Terror, Iraq/Afghanistan. Another theme is that mass-media is used to keep citizens entertained, so they don’t do “too much thinking“.

Anyway, I don’t live in america, so why would I mind right?! I am a free citizen, but how long? Maybe we are all already in slavery, nobody knows what “they” have planned for the future of the world. Fight it, inform yourself, “your life has value god damn”.