High ironic: German government infected by trojan

August 28, 2007

In germany it’s pretty loud about monitoring userdata (such as telephon, mail) and  investigation via secret online search. Now, how funny is that: “Targeted trojan attacks against German government” (F-Secure [SEO my ass, you remember? :D]).

That’s embarrassing, tricked by the lowest social engineer method, documents and presentations that can run macros. I can’t believe there is no verification at such high instance. Anyway, my fear about the mighty government drops…


4 Responses to “High ironic: German government infected by trojan”

  1. WarGame Says:

    LoL, they should protect us …

  2. ascesis Says:

    Ascesis says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. Wawlclicabe Says:

    Seems like you are a true pro. Did you study about the matter? lol

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